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80% locked.

when I reached the ends of the skies, will I be able to communicate with you?
story of a journey.

friends only.

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i'm jinny, 21, currently living in USA. 4th year Marketing major, ISDS minor
in love with only dbsk. tohoshinki. tvxq. 東方神起.
forever, always. BELIEVE IN DBSKOT5LOVE
yunho. jaejoong. are my current bias. yunjae is otp. yoomin is adorkable.

non-asian fandoms: G L E E  & F R I N G E
i like dancining in the rain. read/writing fanfics. CS5. & slightly ocd! 8D
and loves making new friends! :D

and they will always make my heart beat a little faster, ♥
Tags: !friendsonly, !public, #graphics: banners, #graphics: icons, artists: kim jaejoong, fandom: dbsk | thsk | tvxq, forever otp: yunjae, gif: dbsk, jinny loves ranting
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